‚ÄčAubrey Elizabeth Designs
Specializing in intricate and unique jewelry c.2010


Pyritized Ammonite in Sterling


This crystallized nautilus fossil from Siberia contains spectacular terminations of pyrite within the chambers of the ammonite. Encased in solid 925 Sterling silver, this rare and ancient specimen will be sure to captivate for years to come.  


Rainbow Moonstone in Sterling


The flash of this rainbow moonstone cannot be captured by lens, but will never fail to capture the gazes of onlookers. A full spectrum of color in this beautiful moonstone specimen, woven in solid 925 Sterling silver wire, will enchant for a lifetime.


Meteorite / Herkimer Diamond in Silver


This Gibeon meteorite slice finely displays all the geometry of the crystallized iron with every glint. Adorned with a naturally double-terminated, perfectly clear Herkimer diamond, and woven in solid 925 Sterling silver wire, this "Interstellar" specimen is a truly unique piece of jewelry that integrates one of earth's most perfect natural gems with one of space's most entrancing treasures.

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